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Hussien Fahmy as Guest of Honor for Golden Jubilee of Film Society Festival

By Ahmed Fawzy

The management of the annual Film Society Festival announced choosing esteemed actor Hussien Fahmy as the guest of honor for its 50th edition; “Golden Jubilee”, scheduled to take place between June (1-12), at Cairo Opera House. Festival’s chairman, director of cinematography Mahmoud Abdel Samie, highlighted Fahmy’s solid connection with the festival, as he presented numerous films competing for the festival’s awards. He also won a number of acting awards from the festival and took part in the last three editions as a guest of honor. Abdel Samie noted, “At the working level, I’ve known Hussien Fahmy for so long. He has participated in the annual Film Society Festival with 8 films over the past years. When I invited him to be the guest of honor for the festival’s Golden Jubilee -after participating during the past three years; 2021, 2022, and 2023-, he accepted the invitation, especially with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first Film Society Festival for Egyptian Cinema”.
Abdel Samie stated that Fahmy won the Best Actor Award in a Leading Role for “El Aar” in the ninth edition (1983). He competed for this award throughout 8 editions with a number of cinematic works that were chosen by critics; “Enemy Brothers” (1st edition), “the Sinners” (3rd edition), “a Dinner Date” (8th edition), “Ah Ya Balad Ah” (13th edition), “Gary El Wohosh” (14th edition), “Playing With Adults” (18th edition”, and “Mafia” (29th edition).
Actor Fahmy expressed his gladness on being selected as the guest of honor in one of the most prominent local Egyptian festivals, saying, “Indeed, this festival was and still is one of the most significant film festivals in Egypt due to its rich history and credibility in all details when it comes to the film industry. The festival honors the seventh art and creative artists in numerous cinematic fields and specialties. It also cherishes the audiences’ opinions through a special audience award. That’s really great. Basically, each successful film festivals is an addition to the Egyptian cinematic movement and a true gain for filmmakers and audiences”.
It is noteworthy that the festival is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Cultural Development Fund, Cairo Opera House, Cinematic Professions Syndicate, and National Center of Cinema. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious and prominent Egyptian film festivals, as well as Egyptian local festivals. Its juries include an elite group of filmmakers. It also focuses on the artistic value of participating films. The festival’s members select films from those presented during previous years. The best films are selected through voting on the 7 most successful films throughout the entire year. Additionally, it is the only festival that has been held on a regular basis over several years. It hasn’t been postponed since its inauguration by the Film Society at the hand of critics, filmmakers, and the society’s current -and past- board of directors

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