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After burning Gaza, Hamas turns to Jordan

By Mohssen Arishie
The spokesman of the Jordanian government Muhannad Mubaidin accused Hamas of attempting to incite violence and infiltrate borders to encroach on Israel. He described such actions as political adolescence. He warned of Hamas efforts to turn the Jordanian public opinion against the political leadership. The spokesman sent a warning message through the Sky News television channel that “any attempts to incite the public against the Jordanian state are desperate attempts that aim at confusing the public and diverting Jordan’s focus on peace efforts.”

Mohssen Arishie

The allegedly Islamic resistance movement , which has almost collapsed in Gaza, is desperate to survive and gain popularity in different land, regardless of the devastation that befell the Gaza Strip after the October 7 attack on Israel.
Hamas’ leaders leading a life of considerable luxury abroad and those in Gaza sheltering under the dress of their Israeli women are drained of emotions and feelings. Loyalty, sympathy, devotion, honour, etc., etc, carry no meaning to them. The leaders of the alleged Islamist armed resistance have abandoned their people vulnerable to Israel’s vicious retaliatory attack. They abandoned Gaza after the city was burned and reduced to rubbles and a mass grave of tens of thousands of Palestinians. Cuddling their children and affectionately caressing their wives, who are living with them abroad, Hamas’ leaders have decided to turn maliciously to Jordan.
While their comrades underground in Gaza are desperately seeking a safe departure, Hamas leaders abroad are calling for mass demonstrations across the kingdom to allegedly liberate the Aqsa Mosque. They are urging an exodus of Muslims in this Arab country, which is neighbouring the West Bank, to break the borders between Israel and the kingdom. The movement’s leaders’ treacherous campaign in Jordan prompted mass demonstrations against the Jordanian state, The demonstrators, mostly Palestinians or having Palestinian origins, chanted abusing slogans against the kingdom and its monarch. The protesters clashed with the Jordanian security forces, which tried to disperse them and prevent them access to the Isreli embassy.
Hamas has unleashed its treacherous violence-inciting attempts in Jordan at a time, during which the kingdom, in collaboration with Egypt, is leading enormous efforts for a ceasefire in Gaza and the immediate supply of humanitarian aid and food. Also, Egypt and Jordan are pressing harder with efforts to garner international support for the creation of an independent Palestinian state.
Hamas’ leaders’ treachery against Jordan unfolded following outrageous statements given by three of its top leaders: two of them are living abroad, while the third is hiding under the ground in Gaza.
The first statement is made by Ismail Hanieyah, head of the movement’s political bureau in the Sector. After accorded a warm welcome in Tehran, Hanieyah compared the devastation caused in Gaza to “great and unprecedented achievements, which resulted from Oct.7 attack on the Zionist state.”
Hanieyah was followed by Mohamed Dief, commander of the movement’s military wing trapped somewhere underground in Gaza. In a 35-second long recording, Dief sought to exhort Muslims to fight on behalf of Hamas to liberate Al-Aqsa. The movement’s third commander is Khaled Mashaal, who lives with his family and children in Istanbul. He called upon [the Palestinians in Jordan] to rise against the Jordanian state by instigating violence in the kingdom.
After losing Gaza and turning its people to a nation of beggars, Hamas’ leaders are attempting to achieve what their predecessors in the 1970s failed to make under the alleged iconic resistance leader Yasser Arafat. Arafat led his Palestinian fighters to depose late King Hussein, father of King Abdulla II. The brutal battle is remembered as the Black September for the Jordanian blood shed by Yasser Arafat’s men. They killed thousands of Jordanian forces and civilians to seize the kingdom and replace it with a Palestinian state. Arafat’s plot was aborted after intervention by Arab and foreign countries led by Egypt. Arafat was ordered to move his resistance forces to Lebanon—only to cause disturbances in this Arab country. In 1982, Yasser Arafat and his fighters w ere expelled from Lebanon to Tunisia.

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