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Eyad Nassar: “‘Silat Rahim’ Brings Together Excitement and Thrill in 15 Episodes”

By Ahmed Fawzy

“‘Silat Rahim’… is a story that the audience will feel its details with the anesthesiologist Hussam and what happens to him while trying to achieve his dreams, the decisions he makes, and their consequences”. That’s how actor Eyad Nassar described his upcoming series which will be screened over the next few days for Egyptian and Arab audiences. He noted that the audiences will experience scenes that bring together excitement and thrill throughout 15 episodes, highlighting the changing circumstances that Hussam goes through.

Nassar stated, “The events are like a snowball. Sometimes, we don’t understand the consequences of the small decisions we make. We find that things start to get bigger until they turn into a tragedy. That’s the main theme of the work”. He added, “One of the concepts that attract me in the humanitarian themes I present is making decisions. I’m obsessed with it. Indeed, a small decision can change your whole life. The intention of the decision can be proper. However, its consequences can be harsh. Sometimes, it turns into a snowball; things get bigger and become a tragedy.

The scenes of the series are based on the decision of ‘Hussam’. Although his motivations are lofty and may be understandable in human terms, its consequences cause multiple problems”. Nasser added, “The series is interesting and its events are exciting. It describes how a husband is attached to his family and how being a father affects him. It is opposed to what usually happens in our societies. Its events take place over nine months, starting from pregnancy to childbirth and what characters go through during this time. I hope that the audience will interact with it. I see that the measure of success is through the opinions of the public in the street”.

Furthermore, the advertisement song of the series “Who Are You Fighting?” by Muslim will be released tomorrow. Its lyrics are as follows: “Who are you fighting? Stop daydreaming, O rights bearer… You have no rights… Know your truth, O weak… You’re just a creature”. It is written by Mohamed Hosny and composed and arranged by Eslam Refaat. It will be released after 12 noon. The first episode of “Silat Rahim” will be released at 11 PM today, Sunday, on MBC Masr. The first two episodes will be presented on Shahid at the same time. The series title song is by Mohamed Adawya. It was written by Mahmoud Farouk, composed by Ehab Abdel Wahed, and arranged by Mustafa Negm.

“Silat Rahim” is written by Mohamed Hesham Obayia, directed by Tamer Nady, and produced by Sadiq Al-Sabbah, starring Eyad Nassar, Asmaa Abulyazeid, Mohmaed Gomaa, Yousra El-Lozy, Abed Anani, Nabil Nour El-Din, Heba Abd El-Ghany, Amr Al-Qady, Dalia Khalif, Riyam Kafarna, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Mohamed Desouky, Safaa Galal, Batoul Haddad, and Mohamed El-Seweisy.

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