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Tanmeyah Honored by the Egyptian Federation for MSMEs, Demonstrating Unwavering Dedication to Excellence and Positive Industry Transformation

Tanmeyah, a subsidiary of EFG Holding and Egypt’s leading provider of financial services, has been honored with a distinguished award by the Egyptian Federation for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in recognition of its invaluable support to the federation and the industry as a whole.

The award was presented to Tanmeyah at a prestigious ceremony held today at Conrad hotel, The event brought together prominent figures from the financial sector, government officials, and industry leaders. The recognition highlights Tanmeyah’s unwavering commitment to empowering MSMEs and fostering their growth, thereby contributing to the overall development of the Egyptian economy.

Jinu Johnson, CEO of Tanmeyah, expressed profound gratitude to the federation and its esteemed members for the prestigious award. He emphasized the honor it brings to the entire Tanmeyah team and acknowledged the dedicated efforts of the company’s employees. Mr. Johnson thanked Tanmeyah’s clients for their trust and loyalty, highlighting their role in the company’s success.

Additionally, Jinu underscored the invaluable collaboration with the Egyptian Federation for MSMEs, acknowledging the collaborative efforts that empower micro, small, and medium enterprises. Tanmeyah extends gratitude to the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) and the Central Bank for their crucial support in fostering industry growth.

Jinu added: “The Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) is adopting a philosophy for the upcoming period that focuses on becoming an effective pillar for facilitating financing and increasing openness and transparency. Particularly, the FRA aims to adopt a national strategy for the non-banking financial sector, which is considered a fundamental and important step in building an advanced financial sector that is open to the external world and effectively contributing to the sustainable development plans to achieve Egypt’s Vision 2030.”

Tanmeyah is dedicated to advancing the welfare of the community, as it firmly believes in championing financial inclusion and grassroots development. The company is committed to utilizing its expertise and network to empower MSMEs and contribute to enduring economic progress throughout Egypt.


About Tanmeyah:
Tanmeyah is one of Egypt’s leading providers of financial services. Founded in 2009 and acquired by EFG Holding in 2016, Tanmeyah quickly became Egypt’s pioneer in responsible financing for lower-income, small, and micro-enterprise owners with limited access to capital. The loans that Tanmeyah provides for this crucial segment of the population enable small entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses and support their surrounding communities. Tanmeyah directs its financing towards high-demand areas and individuals through branches in the heart of its communities, mainly in the Delta and Upper Egypt. It also offers products and services that complement the diverse needs of small businesses, such as individual lending for women and light vehicle loans. The company seeks to fuel economic growth, provide pathways out of poverty, and improve local living standards.

Tanmeyah currently operates 306 branches spanning 25 Egyptian governorates. The company boasts a client base of around 400,000 and is served by a bench strength of over 4,700 employees.

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