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NFSA issues its 40th weekly report

By Ibrahim Mohamed

The Media Centre of the National Food Safety Authority (NFSA) released its 40-weekly report for the period 4-10 November, which included many different activities.

The General Directorate for Control of Factories carried out a supervisory 77 on food factories in all governorates during the first week of November.

11 food facilities were registered with the National Food Safety Authority. Five factories are being listed on the white list, as well as a school food supply certificate issued last week.

In addition to participating in a joint meeting with the Customs Authority and the Ministry of Transport on the Egypt-Italy Shipping Fast Line, there was also a coordination meeting with the Central Quarantine Administration on the citrus season.

Sweet potatoes continue to top the list of exported Egyptian vegetables by 9,000 tons, followed by beans with a total of 5,000 tons, and pomegranates top the list of exported fruits last week with a total of 8,000 tons, followed by strawberries with a total of 5,000 tons, and lemons with a total of 4,000 tons.

Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Libya were the largest recipients of Egyptian exports over the past week out of a total of 152 importing countries.

The Trade Chain Control Department held a course on the application of the electronic system of public stores in the branch of the Authority in Beni Suef governorate in co-operation with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development.

As part of the efforts of the branches of the Authority to tighten and tighten the control of food facilities in implementation of the directives of Dr. Tarek el-Hobi, Head of the National Food Safety Authority, to ensure the safety of food products on offer and to safeguard the health of consumers in various governorates.

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